How we work

Great business programmes aren’t just about processes – they’re about people

If you have an ad-hoc project for which you have no immediate resource, an event which needs to be arranged at short notice, a specific programme you don’t want to make a long-term staff commitment to or a complex project which requires specialist skills – Helenius Consuting can provide an agile response.
We can manage all the arrangements and, critically, the relationships between stakeholders. If plans change and adjustments are required along the way we have the understanding and experience to support those changes, seamlessly and pragmatically.

We can work within your existing team or, if necessary, on our own, to provide maximum cost effectiveness, adaptability and flexibility. We can help you to save money on your project while creating maximum impact with your clients.

To develop a productive and successful executive education project you need to bridge the gap between your academic imperatives and the business needs of your clients. We understand the objectives both from your point of view – budget control, faculty constraints, educational criteria – and from the standpoint of your client. We have the expertise and skills to bring these two worlds together, creatively and effectively, for the successful outcome of your project.

Helenius Consulting provides a unique, cost-effective and flexible solution for your special executive education projects. No matter how complex the challenge we can partner with you to design and deliver an exciting learning project, helping you to create the best possible participant experience in order to drive business growth and increase client engagement and retention.

HELENIUS CONSULTING: Informed and creative solutions for
the optimum learning experience